Bringing to you QWICK , a packaged consulting service that equips, empowers and enables businesses like you to  Get Your Early Customers, Quickly and create the foundation for your successful business.

Why is getting your early customers important or you and your business?

  1. The first few customers, (not friends or family but from the chosen target segment) are critical because their acceptance is key to your entire business & will vindicate all your efforts.
  2. Their feedback, whether positive or not, is going to help you take your product/service further.
  3. Their usage is going to inspire you to make your offering better.
  4. Most importantly, their very mention will add significant value when you pitch to Investors, Partners, Channels and even other customers.
Who will benefit?

Startups that are about to launch their product/service or have launched in the recent past (max 3 months)

What challenge are you facing?

Having invested a lot of sweat, time & money in building your idea into a working product or service, it’s very critical now for you to get your first few customers.

And it is equally vital that you get those initial customers quickly because any delay means less oxygen to your startup and that could even land your startup in coma.

Unfortunately, most startups never get their initial customers or don’t get them quick enough and that is perhaps a big reason for the high mortality rate of startups.

Some reasons:

  • Most founders underestimate the resistance of potential customers to new ideas or products.
  • Further, they are not well-prepared to make their pitches, handle objections and close.
  • In their anxiety to get some customers, they try all over & quickly exhaust their resources.
  • And in their desperation to get any customer, they often land up with the wrong one. They then compound the mistake by even altering their offering to make it work. That messes up their entire business model and more importantly delays acquiring further customers.
What options are available to you to acquire the initial customers?
You can do it yourself

If you have just launched or planning to launch in the near future, don’t waste time and money in trying to do it by yourself. More importantly, don’t kill the chances for your product’s success by leaving your early customer acquisition to chance or trial & error.

You can work with an expert

Instead, work with an expert who has created installation bases for products and services immediately after their launch, in multiple markets including overseas & in different verticals like hardware, software solutions in retail, help desk, health care, consulting, training to just name a few.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Who but us would know our service product better? Why work with you? In other words, what will you do that we can’t do by ourselves?
  • While it is true that you would know the innards of your product/service the best, please remember that nobody wants to know how great your product is or how cool your technology is. What is more important is being able to relate your offering to the customer and his problem.  We would help you get that alignment which is key to your customer acquisition.  You may want to read Everybody is NOT your customer and  When will businesses ever learn to really understand and appreciate the criticality of getting this aspect right.
  • And once you have got this, we will help you put together a cost-effective strategy to reach this customer which would involve crafting an offer that your potential customer cannot refuse.
  • We would then assist you in executing this strategy.
  • In order for you to go through the sales process. we will train your team in presenting your product, handle objections and close

If you believe you can do all this by yourself, please go ahead.

  1. What’s your qualification to offer this service?
  • Our Principal Consultant Badri, single handedly won the first customer ever for a retail POS product and a help desk software product developed in India and that too in an overseas market much before full-fledged teams in India could get one.
  • He forged an alliance with the local arm of a Global tech major to get a mid-sized supermarket in Middle East as a marquee customer and helped port the software product on their platform.
  • Likewise, he was the first in the country to get a customer for a newly launched photocopier product and that too with 100% advance and also had the distinction of getting the first customer for a high speed and high volume photocopier in the country.
  • Within two weeks of launching his own SaaS product for diabetic customers, he won over India’s premier diabetic hospital to buy licenses and offer it to their patients from all over the country.
  • He signed up with a large publishing house to buy 3000 units of his excel-based software for personal finance as a Gift to their new subscribers.
  • He launched his another personal finance software in the retail market and created a base of over 2000 retail customers purely on the strength of his promotional strategy.

There are many more instances like this for different products and services.

  1. What is the service you are offering? QWICK is a personalized consulting service that equips, empowers and enables businesses like you to  “Get Your Early Customers, Quickly” and create the foundation for your successful business.
  2. What is the charge? Our charges would be dependent on the market readiness of your offering, the nature of the product and the market and the ability of the team to absorb our inputs and take it further.  Once you express your intention to use QWICK, we will make an assessment of the time and efforts involved and submit a proposal the acceptance of which will be the starting point of the engagement.
  3. Will it be expensive? We don’t know what the word ‘expensive’ means to you but if you really understand the power and the significance of getting initial customers quickly, we can assure you that our charges would be a fraction of the time and money that you would have spent otherwise.  Also it would be remember that we are helping you prepare the recipe for your customer acquisition which you can use over and over again and hence it is the foundation of your business success.
  4. What is the guarantee that we will acquire customers with QWICK? If you have really imbibed the inputs from QWICK and implemented the strategy in the manner and spirit in which it was developed, then you will certainly win your customers.  If despite that you have not been successful, we would refund the fees. No questions asked.
  5. How many customers can we get using your service? For how many customers will you give this service? What is the extent of your association? We will work with you and hand-hold you for the first 3 customers.  Post that, we are available for a conversation without any additional charges if you are stuck or require any specific inputs.
  6. What is the process of the engagement? On receiving your enquiry, we would have a conversation with your founders on the product and the target market and submit a proposal of time and money.  Once you accept, we will start on the agreed timelines subject to your readiness and availability.  Please understand that we would not get you your initial customers but will equip you to do so.  Hence your willingness to make time and work on the inputs is very critical to your success.



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