MAGS (Massively Achieve Growth Service) is a Packaged Consulting Service designed to ‘Help Businesses to Scale Their Revenues Exponentially’

Who will benefit?

If you have a product in the market that you believe has huge potential but has generated a fraction of traction so far & if you are committed to give all you can and more to make that happen, you would benefit from MAGS

How will MAGS help you?

MAGS is a structured consulting service designed to

  1. Understand what is missing in your offering that has resulted in the sub-optimal response
  2. Identify what needs to be done to make it so attractive that it is a block buster
  3. Design the necessary strategy and structure to achieve the desired scaling
  4. Work with the team to execute the strategy in a cost-effective manner to generate the results
What is the MAGS Engagement Process?

Before we would even offer a proposal, you need to present to us why you believe you are a candidate for MAGS.  MAGS is a very intensive engagement and hence we would like to work only with clients who  have a product/service with a huge potential and are willing to go through the challenge.

Once we are convinced that there is a good candidate, we would submit a proposal of time and money on acceptance of which we would start the engagement. If the client is not demonstrating the necessary commitment for the massive growth that they want, we would discontinue the engagement

There would be several intensive and interactive sessions with the Founder/Business owner at the initial stages of the engagement to clearly understand the offering, the market and the road ahead.

To Engage with us on MAGS

Please send an email to us with the subject line "We are interested in MAGS" and we will respond to you shortly