GRIP (Get Ready your Investor Pitch) is a packaged consulting service designed to Help Startups Multiply Their Chances of Raising Repeat Investments by Becoming Investor-Ready.

What is Investor-Readiness and why is it important?

Most founders, especially from the Tech background, are very proficient about the technology they are deploying and are very articulate about the array of features  in their product.  While that is important, the potential investors, especially the professional ones, would be keen to know the business aspects of the product such as the size of the target market, the characteristics, competition and going to market to name a few.

If the Founder(s) is/are not aligned with the business side of their product, they may be finding the session with the investors quite intimidating and more imporantly, unproductive.

Given that it takes quite a while and lot of efforts to get to present to a potential investor, being unprepared might be a huge setback.  This can delay fund-raise and even hamper the terms of investment.  Further, the investor community is quite close and hence a poor impression might make further attempts to pitch very difficult.

Who will benefit?

A Startup or established business looking to raise its first or early investment from outside of family and friends.

How will this be addressed by GRIP?

GRIP (Get Ready your Investor Pitch) is a packaged consulting service where the founder(s)/CEO of a startup responds to a series of questions on their offering.  Based on their responses and at the end of the session, they get to know their Investor Readiness Index  and a recommendation whether to approach Investors right now or later.  In addition, they also get to know which of the vital parameters they  have failed to make the grade.  Working on those areas will strengthen their pitch and thus help them secure investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why cannot I , as a startup, know my Investor Readiness by myself? That would be great but how would you do that?  Being so close to the product/offering makes it very difficult to be objective.  And if you are a first time entrepreneur, then you may not even know what it takes to be Investor Ready

 2. We understand that it is important to be Investor Ready but why should we utilize this GRIP service for that?

Congratulations for having realized the value of being Investor Ready.

  • GRIP has been conceptualized and created based on the personal interactions our Principal Consultant Badri has had with Investors seeking funds for his own business and from closely observing Investor responses during events like PitchFest and others.  It incorporates his experiences having conceived, developed and launched several products and apps in the tech space in different verticals. You are in an unique position to take advantage of this wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Badri is also a Mentor with Founder Institute where he regularly interacts with Founders on getting their products market ready and them becoming Investor Ready.
  • Badri was invited by IIT Chennai as part of their e-Cell Startup event to listen to and refine the investor pitches of their contestants.

3. How is GRIP priced?  What are we paying for actually?

It is not for the time being spent with Badri that you are paying but for the objective assessment of your Investor Readiness which is actually priceless.   If you look at the time saved by making your pitches investor ready than trying by trial and error, it would be substantial.

4.What if our startup is found to be Investor Ready at the end of this assessment?  

That would boost your chances of making the right pitch to the investors at the earliest.  Let’s say that your doctor suspected some complication and asked you to undergo MRI.  And if the MRI shows that everything is normal, isn’t that a case for celebration?

5. Can we pay you for this on securing funding?

It is like telling the doctor that you will pay his fees once you are cured.  Your getting the funding is dependent on a wide variety of factors of which your market-readiness is one, albeit the key one

6. How can you assess our Investor Readiness from a conversation or two?

The questions are so designed to gauge your internal readiness as well as your readiness in sharing this with others such as the Investors.

7. Will you help us in getting Investor Ready as part of GRIP?

GRIP has two components viz the diagnosis and the treatment.  In the first part, we gauge the current Investor Readiness in the form of an index and also the key parameters where your offering is found wanting.  And if you so desire, we can work with you to address those parameters.

8.What if we want to just get the diagnosis done?

That is your choice.  But do remember that diagnosis is only the first step.  The treatment is the second and your following the treatment is most critical to make your readiness high.

9. What about engaging with you without the diagnosis?

You can do that by paying an hourly rate but what would be the context of our engagement if you (and I) do not know the areas of strengths and weaknesses?

10. Not every investor is going to look for my Investor Readiness?

Why do you say that?  Why do people make investments apart from the vanity of being known as an investor?  It is to get a great return in a few years and that will happen only when the startup performs enough to attract the next round of funding and that largely depends on the market readiness.

11. Some Angel networks and facilitators have forms that help them filter the serious startups . How is GRIP any different from those forms?

We have looked at some of these forms and while they are quite elaborate, they seem to emphasize more on the financials, which we believe are part of the outcome than that of the inputs.  Further, they do not appear to validate any of the responses even if some of those fields are mentioned as mandatory.  GRIP consists of questions that are designed to force the founders/CEOs to think, contemplate and then respond rather than just say yes or no.  There are also follow-up questions elsewhere in the GRIP sequence that would catch inconsistent responses or statements that do not match with their earlier utterances.  And then there are parameters that such forms do not and cannot handle via a form that only a conversation such as a GRIP can manage. 

To Engage with us on GRIP

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