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Way to go!!

This morning, my wife Geetha shared a very interesting experience.  She received a message from one of the jewellers she had been a customer before.  The message said “Aadi Perukku at xxxxxxx! Shop jewellery & get 3% cash back. Write a slogan,get a chance to win Gold weekly! T&C”.

I wish to compliment this business (whose name will remain hidden, as always) for 3 reasons.

  1.  They chose to stay in touch with their customers, which unfortunately is not the norm in most businesses.  More about this later
  2. They got the attention of their customers (atleast my wife, mine and now your’s too) by sending a message on an off-beat occasion like this event today which used to be an iconic festival a couple of decades back and perhaps even today in places like Srirangam.  I’m sure they sent Akshaya Tritiyai greetings like every jeweller but it would have been mostly ignored
  3. By putting ‘Aadi perukku’ at the beginning they got the attention and look how they have tagged their brand and special offer!! Very smart.

Now what does this have to do with you, as an entrepreneur?

  1.  Keeping in touch with people who have used your service/product.  I keep telling my clients that each one of them is sitting on a gold mine which is their customer base.  Although there is enough and more evidence that retaining existing customers is far more cost-effective than acquiring new customers but time and again most businesses, including those who have sophisticated CRM software, choose to go after new customers and ignore their existing ones.
  2. Look at innovative ways and means to capture the attention of your audience.  New year greetings are passe and so are the likes of Deepavali!!
  3. It isn’t enough to get their attention.  You need to capitalize on that by giving a really special offer for that occasion and also make it easy for the customers to avail of it.

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PS: Thank you Geetha for sparking this post.  When I asked her to share the sms, she immediately said “oh! So is this your next post?”.  I then realized that I have gained a reputation of sorts!!

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  • A lesson for every discerning Entrepreneur that has really been got across very subtly and succinctly !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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