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Two books that must be within a Founder’s reach anytime

The biggest strengths of a startup founder are agility and willingness to take risks.

Agility: Founders of startups come across several challenges at a rather high frequency and it is only their being able to respond to these situations quickly that has saved them from disaster.  These challenges can come and do come from anywhere, like hostile customers, bank accounts going dry just in time to meet the payroll, product development getting delayed indefinitely, servers crashing just name a few.  The founders handle them like a batsman would at a fast ball being hurled at him and ward them off.  Sometimes they get hurt and sometimes they escape without even a scratch.

Risk-taking: Entrepreneurship itself is a journey into the unknown and founders of startups are reminded of this quite often.  To compound the external uncertanities, they too take decisions that are fraught with risks and keep doing them every now and then. And they are hands-on and intimately familiar with most, if not all, aspects of their business.

All founders want to grow big, atleast most do but when they do, strangely many discard the strengths that we just talk about, the strengths that got them there.

They become very protective, withdrawn and reactive than responsive.  Rather than getting into the trouble spots themselves, they now send their army of lieutenants and are often clueless about what is happening.Sounds familiar to those founders who have made it big?

But what has all this got to do with the title and the books?

I am about to introduce to you 2 businesses (Intuit and Southwest Airlines) that started very small and grew really big yet retained the entrepreneurial spirit.

And the authors of the books about these businesses have done a phenomenal job of chronicling the birth, growth and the challenges.

For those of you who have read my blog posts this and this, you would be familiar with Southwest because I am nuts about them (pun unintended)

They are also classics in the arena of sales and marketing and I reach out to one or both these books when I’m faced with a challenging situation.

If you are serious about overcoming your obstacles and keen to retain your entrepreneurial spirit even when you have grown big, I would urge you to get these books asap and read them as often as you can. Its the best gift that you can give to yourself as a founder.

To help you get over the inertia & procrastination, here are the links for buying the books on Amazon

Disclaimer: I don’t have a referral account with them nor am I selling these books online

Inside Intuit 


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