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Never take your eyes off the ball

During a match, watching the scoreboard can be an obsession for commentators and the fans, but when the players themselves do that, its a recipe for disaster. While the scoreboard is the outcome, there is no use focusing on it. Instead work on the process that gets the scoreboard ticking ie playing the ball bowled to/served to you to the best of your ability.

When the ball is coming at you at a speed of 100 kms/hr or more, you need to be on high alert or you may get seriously hurt. But if you handle it well, it will actually trigger the scoreboard to get moving. And even legends are no exception to this rule. In fact, they are legends because they keep their eyes on the ball at all times.

This is true not only for sports but also for businesses especially for startups.

I was at the launch function of a product a few months back. The co-founders made a grandiose presentation of the product’s relevance & future and the road-map for rolling it out in different markets. The guests of honour for the evening spoke eloquently on the need for this product and there was a decent media coverage. The invitees including me partook in the high tea, wished the founders and left.

You might be wondering why I am writing about it!

Even a couple of quarters later, there has been no apparent market penetration of this product. The number of installs is way way down. I’m not seeing any major traction either in terms of partners or alliances that would lead to a surge of customers for the product.

If the founders believe that they need to operate in stealth mode so as to avoid exposure to the competitors, which is inherently sound logic, why did they have a launch party to start with?

I believe that the founders took their eyes off the ball (get the product truly ready & roll it out) but instead started looking at the scoreboard (which could be media mentions or announcements of funding)

Is this one of the key reasons for the high startup mortality?

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