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If you really want to connect with your customers,

Good morning.

1. Sometime back, I saw an ad of an online bus ticketing company that I greatly admire, which talked about the ‘big inventory’ that they have.

2. Then I came across an announcement “Payment Gateway option is now open” in a hospital website.

3. And we see scores of ads on TV, newspapers, magazines and websites that wax eloquently about how big they are and how great their offerings are?

What’s common amongst all of these?

They are silent about the benefits that their customers or the people who see the ads would get from them.

You may wonder, so what?

The investment in the ads or the new technology service will go waste because the intended audience did not understand and hence did not act

Let me elaborate.

For a person who wants to buy a bus ticket, how does it matter to me that this company has a big inventory (assuming of course I understand what inventory is!!)? But if I know that “I can buy a ticket even at the last moment from them” because they have so many seats available, then I would prefer that to the competitors. So its ‘large inventory‘ feature or strength becomes a competitive advantage only when it is translated into “more availability” for the prospective travellers.

Let’s come to the ‘payment gateway‘. Again, it is not fair to expect all patients to understand what a payment gateway is and why it is relevant for them. The hospital could have done well to rephrase it as “Don’t worry if you don’t have cash. now pay from the comfort of your home” to catch the attention of the patients.

Let’s remember that nobody cares for who you are. So, it is in your own interest to let your customers know how they will benefit from transacting with you.

I am of course assuming that you have already figured out your customer.  If not, I strongly recommend that you read this post and this article to ensure that your definition of your customer is razor sharp.

We are yet to realize that our customers do not pay for the features in our products but only for the benefits they are likely to get from the product.  This happens because we are so obsessed with our own selves that we fail to even recognize the truth which is “we exist for our current and potential customers”.

Let’s for a change shift our focus to the people who pay our bills!!

What about your own communication? Is it ‘Feature-rich Benefit-absent’ as well?

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