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How often do you Ass U Me?

Last week, my phone’s battery just died.  It wouldn’t respond to charger and if it did once in a while, it would just blank out the moment I remove it from the charger.

I assumed that I will be able to find the battery quickly and also that the authorized service centre will be an expensive route.

So I took it to a mobile service shop that had done a good job of the mobile the previous occasion.  They said that the battery would cost Rs 800 and that it will be available the same day evening.  I had left the mobile at their premises after removing the sim and the SD card.

There was no communication from them till evening although I had asked them expressly to give me a call once it’s ready.  When I called them, they said that they were unable to get the battery and since they were closing shop in a short while, asked me to pick the mobile the next day.  Very unprofessional, to say the least!!

I decided to discard my earlier concern about the authorized service centre being expensive and took the phone to them.  In an hour, I got the battery at Rs.445 (almost half the price the other guy quoted) along with a warranty for 6 months.

Why am I writing this as a blog post?

  1.  I had assumed that the mobile service shop would be cheaper than the authorized centre and would turn around quickly and was proved wrong this time.   The small service shop took more than 8 hours, didn’t deliver and his estimated cost of the battery was almost twice as much as the authorized centre. Most of us, especially startup Founders, firmly believe that a small operator , given his low overheads, would be efficient and cost-effective as compared to an established provider in the same genre.  It could be as trivial as a photocopy shop or as critical as a legal or accounting services.
  2. I had also assumed that the Authorized Service Centre would be expensive.  Nothing wrong about that, except that I could have validated by just making a call to the centre if the battery was available and at what cost!!  Likewise, many Founders assume that raising funds is only for the well-connected and for those from a rich pedigree and then ignore that channel.  Perhaps all it takes is a visit to the website of an intermediary to check out the startups that have raised funds!!

My takeaway: Assume if you must but validate it at the earliest

What about you?  What are the assumptions that you have made and how many of them have you validated?

As part of the ExSell consulting service, we hold a mirror to help you identify all your assumptions, especially those you believe to be real and then assist you in validating them.  You would save tonnes of time and money by this exercise, not to mention avoid huge frustrations.


  • Interesting !!! I have had a similar experience a long time ago. The only difference is , I happened to buy the battery found it to be higher priced and regretted the decision for a long time . Here is what had happened…………

    We founded our company in 2000. There was an amendment to Service tax rules in 2003, when there was an ambiguity whether our services will fall within the ambit of ST. My father suggested an indirect tax practitioner who was a well reputed lawyer. But we assumed that he would charge us a hefty fees and hence went to a rookie instead. Sure enough , we got an opinion and acted based on that. Needless to say, later that interpretation was found to be wrong and we ended up paying some penalty .
    Lesson learnt: Short time gratification will have long term costs. Of course, another one is never assume things.

  • An excellent free flow of writing which strikes a chord with everyone especially relating to ‘Making an Ass out of you and me’ !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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