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How can 15 = Startup Success?

The entrepreneurs who have participated in the recently concluded Founder Institute program (where I had the privilege to serve as a Mentor) and all those who have read my blogs on LinkedIn and on this platform may have felt that I am placing a more-than-required emphasis on the need to be clear on the Customer and solve a real problem for that customer

In fact, I have gone on record saying that if you have got those aspects right, you can cut the struggles as an entrepreneur by half.

I felt really vindicated when I heard the same message (the need to be clear on the customer and the problem) yesterday from Jonathan Greechan, the co-founder of the Founder Institute,  who addressed the Graduates of the FI Chennai program via skype.

His exact formula for budding and wannabe entrepreneurs was ‘Solve 1 problem for 1 customer with 1 product that has 1 killer feature with 1 revenue stream’.  Appears so simple and yet so profound

Couldn’t agree more!!  Thank you Jonathan for distilling the wisdom in just 1 slide.





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