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For once & forever, let’s relate to our customer

Just a few days ago, I heard the door bell ring and when i peeped out from the terrace, I saw 2 well-dressed youngsters who requested a quick meeting. When I asked “what is it about?” they said “We are representing Global xxxx org and we are meeting people in this locality”. I told them that I couldn’t meet them because I’m busy and they went away.

The main reason for turning them away was I as a prospective customer didn’t see the interaction relevant and I didn’t want to spend the next 5 or 10 minutes with them to figure it out!!

It was their job to ‘sell’ me on why I should meet them and they frittered the opportunity by talking about themselves and what they were doing instead of focusing on their current customer. Either they didn’t know it themselves or weren’t trained by their organization. Either way, they had lost the game.

Sadly, this is not an isolated experience but very common.

How often do we get calls from people who claim that they are from xyz bank or abc insurance company and without pausing, offer us a personal loan, credit card or once-in-a-lifetime insurance policy?

Its all about who they are and what they offer and rarely it is about the customer. And then they wonder why the called slam the phone down. The callers hardly realize that they did not even make an attempt to relate to the person they called.

The examples we shared in an earlier article “When will businesses ever learn? were different in the sense that they were not one-to-one but essentially they were all missing the customer and being extremely obsessed about themselves.

With this kind of narcissistic attitude, how can businesses hope to acquire customers?

What is the solution? Shift the focus from the salesperson /the company or the product and relate all that to the Customer and his needs. And for that, businesses need to invest in identifying their customers.

As a Founder/CEO, if you really want  your potential customers sit up, take notice and have a     fruitful conversation about your offering, ExSell is what you need.

During your engagement with ExSell, we help you zero in on the most important aspect of your product or service that will create interest in your future customers and then help create a powerful communication around that to make customer attention a reality.

Wish you pots of luck in acquiring and retaining lots of customers


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