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For Founders of startups keen on growing all the way!!

India’s Startup ecosystem has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last decade.  And suddenly in the past few years there was a whirlpool of activity what with students just out of college or sometimes even when they were studying, young executives with a few years in the corporate field and even seasoned middle managers with many years of experience, couldn’t resist the thrill of starting out on their own or joining a startup.  Colleges started incubation centres within their premises to support budding entrepreneurs & accelerators came up in metros, large cities and even tier 2 towns to make it easy for those jumping into entrepreneurship.

And when I became a Mentor at Founder Institute and was part of a few advisory panels such as the IIT Madras e-cell, it became pretty obvious that many founders were rushing into product development without even checking if their ideas were viable in their present form.  Although, there was enough and more evidence that most startups failed because they were pursuing an uncritical need, most startups and founders did not apply the pause button at the idea level to get it validated.  VoIS (Validation of Idea Service) was designed to help them quickly ensure if their idea, in the current form, was viable or not.

From the encouraging response to my articles in LinkedIn and subsequent interactions with Entrepreneurs ,  I realized that many startups and even established businesses had forsaken the fundamental principles of getting the customer right, addressing a real problem and ensuring that their offering met those unmet needs or wants.  Their founders had little exposure to sales and marketing and weren’t effective in taking key decisions on their business relating to customer acquisition.  Thus was born ExSell, an intensive and interactive Service designed to get the founders become hands-on on the key aspects of sales and marketing relating to their own business, products or services.

So there was a visible need, ab initio, to set the startup ecosystem right by offering a slew of services that included Idea Validation, help Founders align their offering with real problems of potential customers and get to the stage of product development.

But when those who built their products or services launched them into the market, the response was lukewarm at best. Most startups were unable to quickly ramp up an initial customer base and hence were meandering.  Some, had even shut shop.  And this wasn’t limited only to bootstrapped ventures.  Funded startups, including some which were handsomely funded, found the going tough and downed the shutters. Hence in their journey from an idea to a successful business, many startups choked at the initial stages for want of marquee customers and were unable to keep themselves afloat. QWICK (Quickly Win Initial Customers Konsulting) is a very specific service designed to help Businesses win initial customers and that too quickly so that they are in a vantage position to approach investors either for seed funding or higher levels of funding to scale.

The rush amongst startups to raise funds from Angels and other avenues has been unabated and a slew of players have stepped in to make this process easier than before.  But it was still an uphill task for most startups who were focused on their technology and products and not so much on the market side.  Investors were now becoming savvier and were more particular about the ability of the founders to scale the business than the idea itself.  Given that the investment options available for startups were quite limited and the process being very rigourous, GRIP (Get Ready your Investor Pitch) was conceived to help founders ascertain their Investor Readiness and become more competent to raise funds, not once but repeatedly.

Even those who went past this stage of getting initial market validation, found themselves stuck with a very small customer base although they had the potential to grow much bigger.  From a potentially scalable business, it had morphed into a lifestyle business with a small growth that paled into comparison to what they could actually achieve.  MAGS (Massively Achieve Growth Service) was conceived especially to help businesses which have a sound offering to scale on an exponential manner and that too in a cost-effective manner.

And there were some businesses, even established ones, which found themselves in a stagnant state or even with a negative growth rate.  New competitors had sprung and were sniping at their heels and while they continued to keep the cash registers ringing, they were in for a slow death.  Unless, their negative or zero growth is handled and reversed, they would soon become obsolete.  RUGS (Rev Up Growth Service) has been designed to address this specific requirement so that they bounce back.

To summarize, Idea To IPO Growth Consultants offer an array of consulting services for specific needs of Startups and businesses in a growth path starting from the seed of the Idea all the way to going public and even beyond.


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