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Everyone, without exceptions, must sell.

For long, ‘selling‘ was associated only with sales people and was looked down by most others. Its time to explode that myth.

Let us now look at applicability of ‘Selling’ in some of the other professions

doctor needs to ‘sell’ his reputation as a caring physician to his patients so that they come back again and also bring their friends and relatives.

politician has to ‘sell’ his idealogies and his work before the elections and then during his tenure so that he continues to get re-elected. No better example than our own PM Narendra Modi who doesn’t rest on his past laurels but continues to wax eloquently about the great work his government is doing.


An university professor has to ‘sell’ his image of an erudite person to his students if he wants enrollments and rave reviews

As the author of this article, I need to ‘sell‘ to you as a reader if I want you to read, like, comment and share.

This post was triggered by a recent interaction with a friend who sought my help to draft a letter to his CEO asking for a promotion that has been denied to him for long. In the draft that he had prepared, he had written a lot about his current role, his qualifications and his long association with the company but it was all about himself. Very similar to the promotional measures of companies that we saw earlier.

When I pointed out that whatever he has written is all about himself and not about how it will benefit the company, he didn’t get it at first. And then I started point by point.

For example, his long stint in the company (a feature) meant nothing to his boss unless it showed how well he imbibed the culture of the organization and would continue to be an asset to the company (benefit). So, if the company hired someone from outside, it runs the risk of a culture-mismatch and also have to give enough time for that person to settle in the new environment. Instead, this person can be expected to perform almost immediately because he is familiar with the culture and the process in the company.

His qualifications of post graduation in psychology from a great institution were very good (feature) but had relevance only when seen in the context of working with changing mindsets which was a key attribute in the role that he was seeking (benefit)

The final letter that he submitted to his boss was markedly different from his initial draft not so much in the content but in the way his strengths were positioned as providing great value for the company in the new role. Needless to say, he got the promotion.

So he had to ‘sell’ himself and his abilities to his CEO in order to get the promotion that he richly deserved.

And this very CEO has to ‘sell’ his ideas to his Board & Investors

So, if a doctor, PM, professor, a writer, a long-serving employee & his CEO are all expected to ‘sell’, how about you?

If you are a Founder of a Startup and if you say “I agree that I need to sell but I’m not from a sales background.  How do I acquire these skills?”, I can fully understand your dilemma.

And it is for that express purpose of equipping professionals like you (who are from finance or tech background) with basic and advanced selling skills that we have created a specific module in ExSell.

Contact us today to schedule a 15 minute Free session on how you can be effective in selling even if you are not from a sales background.


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