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Better get your Customer right before anything else

We saw how targeting every retailer, every xxx can severely weaken any business and more so a startup that has very limited resources of money and people. It is equally clear that your customer cannot be an after-thought

But we are no better off until we know how to define our customer properly.

I draw your attention to a great definition of a customer by Southwest Airlines (SWA), a $19.82 Billion business (2015) and the world’s largest low-cost carrier.

SWA caters mainly to the short haul traveler who wants to choose from a wide range of flying times between 2 cities that are an average of 400 miles, or an hour, apart.

Like a business traveler who wants to leave San Diego at 7 am to attend a meeting at Pheonix at 9 am and be back in San Diego for another meeting at 1 pm.

Or the mom who wants to leave work in Houston at 3:00 PM to catch a child’s soccer game in San Antonio at 5 pm

And because SWA lives totally by this credo, it is able to avoid temptations of flying inter continent & trans-atlantic and helps focus its entire energy in serving this market.

No wonder it’s a profitable airline in an industry that is littered with players who have gone bust despite huge bailouts.

The bottom-line: If you want to become a leader and a profitable venture in your chosen area of expertise, then it pays to pick your customer appropriately on the lines of Southwest and totally align all activities with that chosen customer segment.

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  • I should say with all humility that SWA was just plainly lucky and was too fortunate all along its course !

    Thus Spake the New Age Sage !

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