Badri Narayanan V S (BADRI)


Badri Narayanan (Badri) is a Growth Mentor and Coach drawing upon his rich domestic and international experience in conceiving, developing & launching a slew of products & services that span multiple verticals such as health care, retail, database tools, personal finance to name a few.

A Post Graduate from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Badri has had many firsts to his credit with very early marquee and strategic customer acquisitions soon after launch and sometimes even before an official launch.

He has also built enduring relationships and alliances with Tech majors like IBM, Oracle and SAP in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions to make inroads into customer accounts.  He has built, from scratch, a strong distributor and reseller network in multiple geographies besides revving up the dormant ones to become performers. He has sold products on multiple modes like B2B, B2C & B2B2C.

Early in 2000s, he launched his personal finance product software Enrich & with innovative promotional methods created a large installation base in a consumer market where purchase of software was an exception.

He is a prolific blogger and many of his blog posts are featured by LinkedIn in their multiple channels.  Badri is a believer of strong fundamentals and uses the learnings from his day-to-day interactions to drive home the need for customer-centricity and focus amongst entrepreneurs.

He is currently serving as a Mentor at the Founder Institute Chennai and has served as a Mentor for IIT Chennai’s startup event e-cell.

As the Principal Consultant at Idea to IPO Growth Consultants (, Badri offers a range of structured consulting services on critical challenges like idea validation, early customer acquisition, investor readiness etc.


Connect: / badrinarayananvs